Approximate Tuesday

Approximate Tuesday is a series of poems written by Susan Sweetland Garay in 2013 and published by Blue Hour Press. Her writing is influenced by the natural world, experiences with infertility, and her travels. This book is a 148 page perfect bound paper back.

What others are saying about Approximate Tuesday:

“Susan’s poems radiate with the beauty of the natural world. She captures and honors our harmonies and disharmonies–the sense of wonderment of a life lived in perpetual discovery, the sense of reverence in the understanding that we are subject to the caprices of some much larger force of which the natural world is only a shroud through which the viewer can access the sacred. Her poems are composed with the seeming ease and loquacity of a Walt Whitman poem, yet like a Jane Kenyon poem they are content to rest in the silence of open spaces, where they contemplate (and struggle to accept) the fact of our impermanence.”

            -Brian Le Lay, Writer and Editor at Electric Windmill Press

“In the depths of all seasons, there is mystery and wonder, love and childlike dreams. Approximate Tuesday is touching, soulful and genuine.”

-Shannon Lynette, author of Lady on a Wire and editor at Lady Chaos Press

“Susie has a special way of writing with lovely, delicate language while maintaining power, strength, and meaning in each poem. Approximate Tuesday is filled with wisdom, growth, an appreciation for life and the earth, and a wide array of feelings of the human experience. Her poems are honest, intimate, and delivered with a unique voice.”

-Heather Minette, author of Rooftops and Other Poems

Strange Beauty

Strange Beauty, Susie's second collection of poetry, was published by Aldirch Press an imprint of Kelsey Press, in 2015.  It includes 77 pages of original writing with themes including motherhood, family relationships, finding beauty in the ordinary and a relationship with the natural world.

What customers are saying about Strange Beauty:

“Susan’s poetry is earthy, raw, and absolutely beautiful. I’ve purchased her writing before and this new chapbook did not disappoint.”

“A deeply thought-provoking collection of beautiful poetry. I thoroughly love this book!”

“Beautiful! Susie is an artist of words.”

“A beautiful poetry collection by a top notch poet.”


“Strange Beauty is an exceptionally appropriate title for this collection of poems. Susan Sweetland Garay marvels at the ordinary, expressing her observations about the everyday with precision and adoration in equal measure. Her poetry will make you fall in love with the world or fall in love with it even more. “The sacred/and mundane/overlap like/ocean and sand,/in constant motion…”

-Matt Margo
Author of When Empurpled: An Elegy
editor of Zoomoozophone Review

“Garay’s poetry is sharp and clean, yet embraces ideas with lines as open and wild as they are sonorous. Her words blur dichotomies to pastel shades, then soar through vistas where art meets elegance and free-flying expressions of color and sound wing their way along like chromatic birds. A talented poetess with a bright future ahead of her to be sure.”

-Earl E.S. Wynn
Editor of Leaves of Ink

“With its unadorned images and pared back narrative, Strange Beauty is filled with exactly that—strange beauty. The world introduced within these histories balances between fantasy and reality, between the world we wonder at and the world we struggle in. This narrator is domestic instinct—is woken by secrets—is presenter of rain and waves in the sea—with her dream-like charm on exhibition.”

—Stephanie Bryant Anderson
Founder of Red Paint Hill Publishing
author of Monozygotic | Codependent



Ebb & Flow

Ebb & Flow, Susie’s third full length poetry collection is now available from Boho books. It was published in September of 2018 and includes 108 pages of writing. Within its pages Susie Sweetland Garay tracks her life as a wife, mother, and artist. She captures the beauty and vitality of the natural world, the joy and struggle of motherhood and infertility, and the magic that can be found in daily living. Reflected in the words are the rage, fear, joy and grief that are all part of being human in this world.

What others are saying about Ebb & Flow:

"A brilliant blend of confessional intimacy, naturalism, magic, humanism, Susan Sweetland Garay's poetry collection, Ebb & Flow, feels just as its title implies. The verse herein is life-affirming, life-giving, while carrying serious truths that devour old ideas in favor of constant renewal. Garay appears to give wholly of herself among these pages, offering something just short of a memoir, presented in vivid snapshots that bond reader and poet in unspoken friendship. This collection is about love, finding it within and without, and learning how to hold it, gently and safely, as to not break it."

- Nate Ragolia, editor of BONED: A collection of skeletal writings, author of The Retroactivist and There You Feel Free.

"Tip O'Neil once said that "all politics is local"; what I have learned again from Susie Sweetland Garay is that the same can be said of poetry. While I have never been to her corner of the world I feel, through her poems, that I know the landscape of northwestern Oregon as though a friend has guided me through it: she has shown me where to pause to discover its signatures, it's indelible traits and touches. But more than this, I know her Oregon because Susie has made it a fixture of her intimate thoughts, her wishes and words of love and advice to those who matter most. But just as moving is how the verses in her book are shaped, perhaps in equal measure, by the terrestrial contours she has made a part of herself. Ebb & Flow is a voice, one which I will not forget."

- Jeremy Nathan Marks, a Canada-based American essayist and poet

"Susie Sweetland Garay's Ebb & Flow is a collection steeped in the power of memory, both in your mind and in your muscles. It is a testament to nostalgia, to coming close to the things we fear and in that moment daring to keep our eyes open. Writing about the body, bones, the earth, and motherhood, she weaves a narrative of forgiveness and compassion reminding us that we are beautiful because we are temporary. These are poems about truth and mercy and the surprising hope that sprouts from death - the way a good wind can wipe

us clean. Lyrical and haunting, Garay's work cuts to the core of our needs reminding us that, "So much can change when you ask the right questions."

- Ally Malinenko, author of Fitting the Ocean in Your Mouth